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Facebook or www.Facebook.com is a social media application that was invented in America in 2004. Facebook.com has launched to enhance the communication process with the news feed. Facebook.com is a social networking site whose basic aim is to enable communication. Additionally, it also provides daily news and updates.

Facebook.com is accessible to all devices from desktops to mobile phones by creating an account. This is a free social media application that has kept on enhancing its features, which helps retain Facebook.com users.

To use Facebook on any device, you need to create a Facebook login account first and then Login to Facebook account. It is really simple and take few minutes to create a new account on Facebook.

Facebook Sign up - How one can create a Facebook Account?

To use all services of Facebook, you need to create an account first. Facebook.com is a user-friendly platform that has a few basic steps to create an account.

  1. Open www.Facebook.com through your browser.

  2. Click on Create an account.

  3. Enter the details required ( name, date of birth etc.).

  4. Select a username.

  5. Set up a strong and unique password.

  6. You have created your Facebook.com account. You can log in anytime by following the login steps mentioned below.

Login to your Facebook Account via Desktop

There is a slight difference between logging in to Facebook.com on mobile and desktop. If you wish to use Facebook on desktop, follow the steps given below for Facebook login on desktop.

  1. Open Facebook.com through your browser.

  2. Enter the Facebook login details (username and password) in their respective fields.

  3. Click on "Facebook Sign in".

  4. By following the steps mentioned above, you will successfully logged in to your Facebook.com account.

Facebook Login Mobile

If you wish to use Facebook on your mobile phone, you can download the official Facebook application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then you can follow the steps given below to do Facebook Login on your mobile phone.

  1. Download the latest Facebook application.

  2. Open the Facebook application after the download and installation process is complete.

  3. Enter your username and password for your account.

  4. Click on "Facebook Sign in".

  5. By these few basic steps, you can login and use Facebook on your mobile phone.

Benefits of Facebook

Facebook is the number one social media application till now. Facebook has covered over 2.3 billion users. Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. This social media application has many benefits through which you can earn money or make your business famous. In this guide, you get to know the best benefits of Facebook login.

Build Your Brand: In this century, everyone needs online activeness instead of physical interaction. Billions of users are active on this social media application so this is the main reason for making your online brand famous. Facebook also offers beneficial tools like (Follow option, account sign in and image sharing. Through these tools, you can gain a large audience on your Facebook page or a website).

Professional Bonds: One of the best benefits of Facebook is getting new people as per your professions. This benefit is for those connected with their old mates, recently made friends and the seekers of new mates and relations. If you work online/freelance, you must be connected to the people around you with the relevant profession.

Life Advice: There are many helpful morsels of knowledge from generous people. All Facebook users can share their knowledge by posting the stories and incidents as a public profile or a private profile. You can join different groups as per your interest, or you can also invite your mates to similar Facebook groups where they can share information and knowledge.

Build New Relationships: Nowadays, people are looking for new friends on social media applications which help people find new mates and relations. Facebook.com is number one from this perspective. People are getting married through this social media application. So, users can imagine how this social media application is building relationships between both genders.


www.Facebook.com has made communication an easy process, which is why it has billions of users over it. Facebook.com has also linked itself through many other social media applications, which is why most users are attracted to it. In this guide you can learn how to sign up for Facebook and do Facebook login on different devices with ease.

Disclaimer: Here on this website, we share every possible way of Facebook Login and Facebook Sign up. We are not Official and we are not linked with Official Facebook website. This website is just for users guidance.