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Movierulz is an online platform for users to watch their favorite movies for absolutely free. Movierulz has a huge collection of movies from different industries on India such as Bollywood, Tamil Telugu etc. it has millions of monthly users and almost has five thousand of daily users. The platform is very user friendly an totally easy for its users.

No sign-up registration required on the website. because of their huge database you can watch your desire whether if its from 90's to current. Movierulz is running on different servers so you wont have to wait for anything and you can watch the movies instantly with HD results.

Why Movierulz stands out of other Movies Websites?

If you want to watch free online movies and shows without any hassle of credit cards and registration, then you have come to the right place. There are two parts of the media streaming universe, one is the paid streaming network which wipes your wallet and slowly takes all your hard-earned money and the other is the free streaming network which offers you to watch free online movies and TV shows without costing you a cent.

The other kind of network earns through ad and is truly an angelic network. A part of the Movierulz Network, It has swiftly risen up to become a giant in the free movies universe because of its unique and simple user interface and its updated database collection of free online movies and TV shows. Movierulz and chill is trending after people are realizing how expensive it is to stream media using popular media streaming services.

Movierulz solves the media streaming problem by providing everything for free without any signup requirements or any other hassle.Although it is a new entrant in the video streaming universe, but it is quickly increasing is daily users. The site makes the media available only in HD except for a few old titles and has put up more than three servers to cater to a larger number of people while ensuring a decent speed. So, if you are in a mood for a quick movie or a binge-watch with your girlfriend then this is the place for you.

You are just one click away to watch your most loved shows and free online movies till you are satisfied. I have watched everything on Netflix! I have watched everything on Prime! We do hear these a lot. But believe us when we tell you that you have not watched every trending online movie or TV show there is.

There a lot of streaming services available and there are some websites that offer video streaming for free. Now you can get not only Netflix and Amazon but also all the content from Hulu Disney, HBO, and any other paid streaming service for free. We bring you our most trending website Movierulz to watch free online movies. Nothing beats this site in this category. As they call it, it is a one shop stop for all movies and shows that you need.

Below is the list of some Movies Websites like MovieRulz


The biggest database of free online movies and TV shows is present on 123Movies, the website is ad-supported, and therefore, it requires no signups or payments for you to watch your favorite online movies or shows. The user interface is simple and easy to maneuver.The search option works wonders and in no time, you are provided with the title of your choice. In case you want to discover new titles, the neatly classified genres and trends help a lot along with the information and trailer link available for each video.


Let us see what YesMovies has to offer. We found that the interface is all right, but developers can make an effort to make it easier. The database is big but needs some updates, especially IMDB’s top charts needs to be there. A country filter might be helpful for some. Video quality is HD and Ultra-HD, which is a plus point, but they take a lot of time to update the latest release.


Want to enjoy the craziest binge-watch with non-stop free online movies and shows? We have just the service for you! LookMovie is quickly popularizing as the go-to place for media streaming. All content is free here due to its ad-supported environment but don’t fret they don’t interrupt and irritate as they can be easily dealt with. Only HD content is available, so you don’t need to think twice when clicking on your free online movie. Just a click and then binge-watch!


If you don’t find these good for you then we do understand, everyone has their own taste when it comes to watching free online movies and TV shows. So, we give you another streaming website: YoMovies. It has a variety of content and it’s the best alternative to the big paid media streaming websites with just one big difference, that it is free for all without any catch.


BMovies will surely help you out if all others fail. This site made its name after Fmovies was brought down. But BMovies kept up the legend of Fmovies and quickly rose up as a popular website to watch free online movies and TV shows in high definition and with multiple servers to choose from, the added feature of title request also helps. The search option works so great that you search for star actors to find all the titles where are featured.