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Gmail or is a free web mailing service that was introduced on 15 April 2004. By that time, Gmail had captured a massive amount of users through its enhanced features. As a result, is the largest mailing service with billions of users across the globe.

One feature that has attracted most Gmail login users is the huge storage space that enables you to send massive files. However, opens up several more features when you log in to your account despite the storage space.'s latest features allow smart replies and compose an email and high priority notifications, making this a user-friendly communication platform.

To use all services, first of all you need to create an account and login to your Gmail account. After that, you can use all the Google services by account.

Gmail Sign up: How one can create a Gmail Account?

To use Gmail you need to have an active account first. Creating a new Gmail account is easy and it can be created with in few minutes. There are few basic steps to create your account;

  1. Open through your browser.

  2. Click on create an account.

  3. Enter the details required ( name, date of birth, alternate number etc.)

  4. Choose a unique username, which will be your Gmail email login address with prefix.

  5. Set up a unique and strong password.

  6. By following these steps your Gmail account will be created, and you will land on the Gmail email inbox page.

Login to your Gmail Account via Desktop:

If you're willing to use on a desktop, you can simply login to your Gmail account through any web browser. To login to your account, you need to follow the steps below;

  1. Open through your browser.

  2. On the right top side of the page, click on "Gmail Sign in"

  3. Enter your Gmail account login credentials in the next page.

  4. Enter your username or Gmail email in the first field and click on Next.

  5. Enter your Gmail Login Password in the next field and click on "Gmail Login"

  6. If you have entered valid Gmail account credentials, you will be successfully logged in to your Gmail account.

Login to your Gmail Account on Mobile Phone:

Login on mobile is divided into two parts. First is to login through Official Gmail Application by Google and second by Mobile phone default mail accounts option.

You can follow the steps given below for Gmail login through official application.

  1. Firstly, Install the latest Gmail application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  2. Open the application after installation is complete.

  3. Enter your Gmail account username and password.

  4. Then Click on "Gmail login".

  5. After that, you will log in to your Gmail account.

Following are the steps, if you wish to Login to Gmail using Mobile default mails accounts option.

  1. Open settings on your mobile phone.

  2. Head towards Accounts Menu and Click on Login account.

  3. Enter your Gmail Email or username in the first field.

  4. Enter your Gmail account login Password in the second field.

  5. Click on "Gmail Sign in"

  6. You would be automatically logged in to your application on your mobile phone.

Gmail Login Issues And There Solutions

On the one hand, when there are so many plus points for Gmail about its features and security options, some login problems might irritate the users. Gmail Login issues might occur due to several reasons, and all you have to do is check the issue and solve it.

On the other hand, if there isn't any solution given, then there is a high chance that you lose the user as this is when users need easy and quick access to their login account. To retain the Gmail users, here are some solutions to the Gmail login issues.

Gmail Login Issues

  1. The most common issue that the user might face is the login not responding. There is a high chance that the server is down.

  2. You might have entered the wrong password or username, which can also be a reason for not logging in to your account.

  3. Some viruses can also cause this issue when you haven't installed an antivirus, as viruses can react in any way.

  4. Internet connection might provide below.

Gmail Login Solutions

  1. The solution for such login problems depends on the issue you are facing. If there is a server down problem, you have to wait until the server gets back normal. There is also an option of checking it from any other device or another browser. If the issue remains the same, then you have to wait for a while.

  2. Secondly, check the password thoroughly, and the username you are entering might be wrong, which would result in a login issue.

  3. Moving forward, check if your PC is affected by any virus or if the antivirus is installed or not. As viruses can act in any way and you have to protect your PC.

  4. At last check the internet connection, and the router is turned on.

  5. It is expected that your login issue might be resolved through these solutions as these issues occur rarely.


Gmail has come up with its latest features catering for its users across the globe. This free web mailing service aims to entertain the users at the organizational level to provide them with the best services, making communication easy. In this guide you will easily learn how to create an account for and how to do Gmail login on multiple devices.

Disclaimer: This website is for guidance only, we do not have any link with the Official Gmail website. Here on this website, we share useful content about Gmail account.