Office 365 Login - Microsoft Office 365 Login

Office 365 or Microsoft Office 365 is a sub-application of Microsoft which was invented in 2001. Office 365 has come up with some latest features which have grabbed the attention of its users. Office 365 is launched for the user's ease by facilitating them with all the features in one application.

Ms word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint and many other such applications are offered by Office 365 login. In addition, office 365 lets you collaborate online, separate office chat, and convert large files into smaller links and files in PDF format.

To use Office 365, you have to active account for Office 365 first and login to your Office 365 account. Follow the guide below to learn how to login to office 365 account.

Login to Microsoft Office 365 on Desktop

To use Office 365, you need to login first. Office 365 has some basic login steps which you need to follow;

  1. Open office 365 through your browser.

  2. On the right side on the page click on "Office 365 Login"

  3. Enter your login details (username and password) in the fields.

  4. Then, Click on "Office 365 Sign in".

  5. You will be then logged in to your Office 365 Account.

Login to Office 365 Account on Mobile

  1. Download office 365 on your mobile via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  2. Go to settings page of your mobile phone.

  3. Click on accounts, there you will find an option for Office 365 Login.

  4. Add your Office 365 account details (Office 365 Login email & Password).

  5. Then click on "Sign in"

  6. You would be automatically logged in to your office 365 account.

Microsoft 365 Features

Microsoft Office 365 is an application with the existing Microsoft's online application like Microsoft Word, Excel, One Note, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and Sway and combining them into one cloud service. It is also called a suite of cloud-based collaboration and productivity services. Being one of the oldest Microsoft services, it has been improved in many ways and there recently have been more upgrades in the services. To know details about the updates, read below:

Test and Decide: Office 365 combines with Microsoft and all other services offered by it. It's going to take you a couple of minutes to create a new trial account and test out the services it offers.

Collaborate whenever you want: Through Office 365, you can now get web-activated access to all documents, calendars, emails, documents and contacts, and it doesn't matter what type of device or browser you are using. This new feature involves good collaboration between every employee.

Office 365 Cloud: Getting advantage of this feature is simple. If you use this integration and save all your data and your company's information through it, all of the data will be accessible to you 24 hours a day. Even if your company goes through a disaster, all your information will be safe.

One-time Sign In: This option is for users when they try to do Office 365 Login, users don't have to sign in to their account through this new update repeatedly. You can save your password so you don't have to type it in every time you try to log into your account.

Enhanced Security: Although Office 365 always keeps your privacy and security top priority, now that number of cyber crimes have increased, so is the security protocols of Office 365.


Microsoft Office 365 is designed to cater the users mostly at the organizational level. The features and applications Office 365 offers has made office work an easy process. By following the guide above, you'll learn how to do Office 365 Login on desktop & mobile devices.

Disclaimer: This is not an official Microsoft Office 365 website, we are also not linked with the official website. Here, we only share guides and tips about Microsoft Office 365 account.